Franchise marketing is a term that refers to a type of marketing in which franchises are promoted, it is not just about promoting, it is also about building brand awareness and gaining sales through it. Brands enlist the help of marketing experts or to be more specific, a franchise marketing strategist to plan their marketing strategy. Now, to get a basic understanding of franchise marketing, one should know the concept of a franchise.


What is a franchise?

A franchise is an extension of an already existing business in a new location with the same business model but with new investors and by this description we can already think of a great many businesses that have expanded themselves in new markets with the help of the franchise model. In such a business model, the original company is known as the franchisor and the companies made through the same brand and idea in a different location are known as franchisees.


What is franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing is the joint effort by the original company or the franchisor and the franchisees in creating brand awareness and promoting sales without compromising the integrity of the brand name and the business model. In franchise marketing, there can be two areas in focus, one would be the promotion of franchise or finding new locations and the second can be about building the brand locally or on an expansive scale. In both situations, strategies are made to target and achieve the objectives.


Many channels are available for franchisors to market their franchisees and some of them are discussed below.



A website is the most fundamental channel to grow your brand presence, customers and investors alike will need a platform that can tell more about your brand and help you make impressions, and encourage potential business. Therefore, having a website is the very first step in creating a foundation to present your idea.


Social Media

Social Media is a strong influencer when it comes to the dissemination of information, social platforms like Facebook have more than 2.5 billion active users every month which is twice more than the most populated country on the planet. The social platform is one other way businesses make their presence known to the world and keep their customers engaged and intact.



Customers look to Google and Bing for their answers, and this has made search engines a popular platform for both businesses and customers in satisfying their information needs. By taking advantage of the knowledge of how search engine algorithm works, marketers strategize a business’s content in such a way that can rank higher in search engine results. Thus, making a business appear more in front of the people. But there is another way of doing this, rather than generating traffic freely, businesses can also opt for paid advertisements on these search engines, it is faster in acquiring visibility and the businesses only have to pay per click.


There are many other ways how franchise marketing works such as brokerage, sponsorships, email marketing, etc. You will find all the tools used in normal digital marketing used in franchise marketing albeit with a different strategy.