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Utilize a flat-head screwdriver while you are working with a slotted screw

Usually do not use a flat-head screwdriver to eliminate a Phillips-head screw. Never utilize a screwdriver being a pry bar. If You can not take away a part, Examine to find out if there is a clip or latch that is certainly securing the component in place.If excessive pressure is required to get rid of or increase a component, one thing is probably Improper. Take a second look to be sure that you might have not skipped a screw or possibly a locking clip that is certainly holding the part in place. Seek advice from the product manual or diagram for additional details.Make use of a Phillips-head screwdriver with crosshead screws. Never use this kind of screwdriver to puncture everything. This could hurt The top of your screwdriver.a hex driver, Tool Accessories proven in Figure two-10, to loo

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