7 Pu Leather YOU MUST NEVER Make

PU (polyurethane) faux (synthetic) leather material is using knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, or non-woven fabrics as the substrate and then coated with polyurethane resin. The fabric can be utilized for a wide range such as shoes, apparel, furniture, handbags etc. Real leather is peeled off from animals, like pigskin, read more sheepskin, crocodile skin, and so on. The initial layer of leather is directly processed from the raw skin of varied animals or cut the thick skin of cattle, pigs, horses, etc into upper and lower layers. Top of the part is processed in to the first-layer of leather. The next layer of leather is a mix of PU resin and the lower layer of skin or scrap material of the pet skin. The toughness, handfeel, and abrasion resistance of the next layer are much lower compare

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